Eurovision 2014 more like 50 Shades Of Cake


I wonder how many points Ukraine and Russia will give each other at Eurovision…


Friendly reminder that this year’s Eurovision will have at least two songs about baking a cake.


Today’s statistical map is, as a glossophile and languages teacher, one of the saddest I’ve ever made. It looks at linguistic diversity in this year’s Eurovision entrants - and my response is, "what linguistic diversity?" According to currently available information, only four countries are going to go to Copenhagen with songs that include no English - Portugal, Italy, Montenegro and France.
Only eight songs out of thirty-seven have anything above a minute trace of a language other than English - apparently, even countries that won their national finals with non-English (e.g. Albania) or mixed (e.g. Iceland) entries will be going to Denmark with English-only entries. This coming after a stellar year for linguistic diversity where 44% of the entries were entirely in languages other than English. It is my hope that future years be more like 2013 than 2014 when it comes to linguistic diversity!
07:30 am: Edited the labels. Was it too optimistic of me to think that people would understand the first category as also meaning “next to no/minimal English?” and the third category as “only English, or very nearly only English?” Guess so! I suppose my labelling will have to be completely literal from now on….
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